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Why I prefer dogs over people!

The fact is I prefer any animal over human beings when it comes to a friend. Why? Well for the simple fact they are often accused of being mean and humans are a far meaner species. You never see a Tiger in the wild drag out a kill. Humans will torture, rape and drag out such things for personal power and control issues they have. I see no loyalty in families that even come close to the loyalty in a pack of wolves. I see women give birth to child after child and take it for granted and abuse, neglect, walk away and end up dismissing the children they give birth too. Not all women please know that I have known and do know some amazing moms in this world. I do know that all animals build a den or nest, give birth, nurture and teach before they send the small extensions of themselves out into the world.  I know they have no organized religion telling them they can or can not love another animal for it is not the same color, nor do I ever see or hear of a animal being told eating pork is a sin. They do not have sabbath, days of rest, hypocritical personalities either. I am angry some will say and I can not agree with that. I am realistic!  I am finally seeing what the world is and what family really means. I think of the day  when I loose a parent and I dread it not just for the fact I want them to live forever but for the fact family falls to the wayside and I am sure I will never see nor hear from one sibling once that happens again. The image of the Waltons and The Ingalls is just that! A image!  It used to be so different I hear people say. Oh Bull shit my Grandfather suffered abuse at the hands of a horrible women and ended up in the system at a young age. Fighting and bickering between my parents and them was a constant. I do not see how today is any different from a hundred years ago. I am all for freedom of beliefs and religion, I am pro same sex marriage, I am against animal testing, animal cruelty and I am pro choice. I believe a womens body is her choice and having survived rape twice in my lifetime had I been inpregnated I would have terminated that. Does that change the fact I find it sad that many people out there have no chance of creating a child and I believe adoption is a much better option? No I do believe Adoption is the first choice and life is the first choice.  I see animals on TV, I read articles about  cheetas nursing baby antelopes, Dogs nursing kittens, Other animals mothering anothers young. Too bad not more humans saw this and did not take note. I see step children sitting off to the side feeling unloved and unfavored because mom or dad remarried and I think it is disgusting because most of the time if they feel favoritism it is happening.  I see men take up with women and use them up financially and emotionally and move onto the next. Isee women spoiled rotten using up a man until he is living pay check to paycheck and leave him. I see some animals like Geese who mate for life and stay that way.  I teach my children to be good people, give to people less fortunate, honor children and if you do not think you can be nice in your words shut up! I teach them that drinking large amounts of booze and beer are stupid, unhealthy, and I teach them that they are going to try all things once in most cases. This I can not control. Knowing they can rely on me at any hour is something I can control!
Another thing Humans are the only species that can go off of brain power, animals well they  go with instinct.  You are not going to tell an animal that they are going to go to hell and can not go to heaven. I get sick of being feb bull shit! A animal does not even entertain bull shit.  So do I prefer animals over people yeah pretty much!  I do not hate the human species I happen to love a really great bunch of humans. I have friends I care about deeply and strangers who have treated me better than family. I have had a few friends I have never met actually, pen pals that have made such a huge impact on my life. they are all hig quality people. I prefer them over most but atthe end of the day when I was a girl my best friend was a horse who carried me away from drama and stress and loved me with no conditions. Today as a adult my best friend happens to be a dog!  Why? She loves me with no conditions and she does not care if I am Catholic, Baptist, methodist, wiccan or a Buddhist! All she knows is that well we have been together for 13 years and we have secrets that she never repeats.  I guess I was venting today and I feel so much better. This wont make sense to some it is the ramblings of a animal lover but regardless of my view on human nature I am a people lover as well.
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