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A daily struggle
Today was Brain FOG day for me and body aches with a side of sadness. It comes and Goes ! No it is not Bi Polar it is that little Bow tie shaped gland called a Thyroid. I ate Chocolate today and it made me feel better. It was not that good milk chocolate with caramel it was extra dark chocolate because our thyroid does not like Milk chocolate. Gluten free foods can help our inflamed immune systems so I am told. It can also make you loose a little wieght ............On PMS week it can make you want to fade away from cravings for salt and for chocolate and for Donuts. Oh how I miss Donuts!  I miss my hair too. I had pretty good hair a few years ago. Extensions got me by for a while and now it is so dry and broken it feels to me a extension would have to be hammered into my head to stay. Yup Today I feel frustrated and feel pretty shitty but I have made a decision to  have a blog that not only helps others with auto immune disease, heart issues, PMDD and Depression but I hope to put up recipies and photos that can bring others information, laughter or just a diversion from the things that all too often out husbands, Family, friends never understand but somehow our dogs know we feel like poop!  Welcome to my world!