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What I learned in 45 years
February 24, 1969 I was born. Is it History? No one thing I learned over the years is that a birthday is not a true indicator of your age.  I believe our souls are much older than our chronological age. The history of the day of my birth is pretty interesting. I share a Birthday with a pretty famous singer of course and like any other day in the year we have had milestones met, death and birth, good and bad on this day.   On Feb, 24, 1836 in San Antonia Texas Colonel William Travis issued a call for help on behalf of Texan troops Defending the Alamo, 1950 George Thorogood was born, in 1971 Algeria nationalized French oil companies,and in 1970 29 Swiss Army officers died in a Avalanche in Reckingen Switzerland.  That is history. My Birth was a Journey in the wee stages. I have learned so much over the years and only recently really started to become comfortable with things that are a matter of life. Some things we can not and will never control. The road to hell is paved with good intentions my daughter said and the stairway to heaven was not. I have learned a Animal is a far better friend than a human and I have learned you can grow up with someone or be raised by someone that will never love you and you have to accept that. People will only talk down to or look down on you because you allow the opportunity and I have learned I am human with human needs, wants and desires. If some view my choices as mistakes I guess they can but for me I regret nothing and no one. I can not do that they were all part of a growing process and a great memory or two.  I learned that nothing can prepare you for seeing a child in a casket and no matter how hard you are it will affect you. I have learned that once a person is hooked into the concept of  a religion that instills fear with the idea of fellowhip if you do not share the same views your pretty much doomed and they are convinced they wont see you in Heaven. I have learned not to mix bleach with dish soap to try to get the sulfur stains off of the tub,   Another important factor is never try to bleach black hair blonde.  Holding in anger gives you indigestion and headaches and indifference is much more effective. I have learned that Bullies have been around since hundreds of years and people have been spreading rumors and speculating since the Salem Witch trials. I have learned that parents can not give advise on marriage when they have been married multiple times and I have learned that no man is void from temptation.
No women can live her life as if she is running a corporation and neg neg people make beautiful children. Milkshakes make you fat if you eat them every night and color has no bearing on a persons character. Some of the coolest, kindest people I have ever met were Gay and some of the nicest men were only of average looks. A addict or a drunk is always a addict or a drunk and they may stop one addiction only to trade it off for something else. I have learned no matter how you raise your kids they all turn out the way they choose.  I have learned to be pro choice and very liberal in my thoughts and I find if you register as a republican more opportunities come your way. I have learned  not to substitute butter when the recipe calls for Margarine and I have learned that a dog needs no water after seven at night or they will have a accident at night. 45 years taught me a lot and one of the biggest lessons was not to throw up out of a moving car when the back window is open and more important not to have your window down when someone is throwing up in the front seat of a moving car. One lesson I learned was if you forget to pay for something and walk out of the store go back in and admit your forgetfulness and make it right or you will be ridden with guilt. I found over the years that the best mud pies are made after a summer rain and cool whip container makes them the perfect size. I learned the best smell you will ever breath in is the smell of a horses coat and the best eyes you will ever look into are that of a cat. I have learned Lust is more powerful than love and does not last nearly as long. I have learned I like sleeping alone sometimes. Reading and a cup of tea or listening to Mozart on a rainy day is the only way to go and I have learned that some of the most Christian like people I know do not go to church. Hypocrisy runs rampant in families as does Jealousy. I also found after 45 years that you can not count on anyone but yourself. I learned that Ivory soap smells like my Grandma and Crows are interesting Birds. I have learned some really good friendships come from the most unlikely people and I learned sometimes just because someone looks grumpy they aren't. I have learned that pickles are great with anything and french fries are amazing with Tartar Sauce. I have learned that one kind deed comes back two fold and I have learned that our parents issues do not have to fall onto us. I have learned Blood is not thicker than water and family comes in all shapes and sizes. Puppy breath smells good to me and I never had a problem with the smell of a skunk. I have learned you never forget your grandmothers scent or the smell of her face powder and you never forget your grandfathers voice long after they are gone. I have learned that ducks make great pets. I also learned rumors hurt. I have learned everyone has told a lie and everyone has regretted it. I have learned that soft ice cream is better in a waffle cone. I have learned that Rubbing alcohol makes a good bathroom cleaner when you don't wanna run down street and I learned not to spray the dust mop with furniture polish. I have learned that bees are ok if you leave them alone they wont bother you and I have learned to never leave a baby bird on the ground chances are they will die. Expect nothing and never be disappointed. People are going to talk and half the time it will be ignorant. Ignorance is bliss and sometimes people play dumb so they don't have to do as much. I have learned you have to be proactive and fight through life and that the simplest pleasures such as ice cream on a hot day, a cool breeze or the sound of the wind in the leaves are true gifts. Be nice to everyone you never know who was sent here as a angel to test if your worthy. Make a bed your comfortable to sleep on for eternity and at the end of the Game the king and pawn all go back in the same box. At the end of life all of our graves are the same size. Lessons well learned! I look forward to the next 45 years and God Willing I will see it.  I love you all! See you this Saturday!